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ATMs And Digital Signage: How Can They Work Together?

ATMs and digital signage

There are many ways ATMs and digital signage can work together to benefit both retailers and consumers.

Whether it’s ATMs in a bank, in a shop, on a street or anywhere else, there’s usually potential for digital signage to support your marketing goals.

If you’re not sure how ATMs and digital signage can work together, here are some ideas for you.

Informational purposes

Quite simply, digital signage can give ATM users more information about wider functionalities or capabilities of the machine.

ATMs are much more sophisticated than the first ones introduced more than 50 years ago in the UK, but many of us still only use them to withdraw cash or check balances.

This could be because most people use an ATM without assistance from one of the bank’s employees, especially if they’re using one in a shop or in the street.

If they asked a staff member, they’d learn that there are many other personal finance uses – some let you deposit checks, pay bills or transfer funds between accounts.

By advertising this information on a screen, together ATMs and digital signage can bridge this knowledge gap and decrease the workload of bank employees, improving efficiency.

Promoting banks’ other services

Since many people use ATMs without engaging staff members, banks can miss out on opportunities to promote their other services, unless customers also go to the counter.

A bank may have listed its promotional offers online, but consumers may not see these when they’re withdrawing physical cash on the go, instead of using internet banking.

By using ATMs and digital signage in tandem, banks can ensure their marketing campaign reaches audiences out-of-home when they’re making a withdrawal too.

Speaking of marketing…

Advertising space

Alternatively, banks and other retailers could sell their digital ad space to a third party.

Using an ATM takes about a minute – and sometimes customers will wait this long just to use one in the first place.

That’s a good time to reach them with a well targeted advert, while they’re thinking about money and don’t have many other distractions.

Selling advertising space is an example of how ATMs and digital signage can combine to generate extra revenue.

Impulse purchases

One of the most ATM-specific benefits of using digital signage is the opportunity to influence an impulse purchase.

For example, a retailer with an ATM could advertise their own products here too. Their customers are withdrawing cash anyway, so perhaps they’ll also decide to take out more money to buy something else on impulse.

This is a particularly effective tactic in the buildup to major public holidays – Christmas for example.

According to a Google and Ipsos omnichannel survey, one in three consumer purchases are made on impulse during the holiday season.

An innovative, secure and high quality kiosk solution is the starting point to take advantage of all the opportunities presented by digital signage.

If you’d like to discuss in more detail how ATMs and digital signage can work together for your business, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.