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Case Study

Revolutionising identity verification and biometric collection

The customer is a leading European business service provider specialising in consulting, digital services and software development, helping clients drive digital transformation and obtain tangible benefits.

The customer was looking for a partner with a background in highly secure environments and data, that was capable of delivering a complete identity verification solution, making Acante and Unilink the perfect supplier. Acante providing robust hardware combined with Unilink’s award winning software.

Acante designed the BEK01 (Biometric Enrolment Kiosk) which is a world-beating complete self-registration solution for people to confirm their identity. The kiosks can be built with client-defined customisation in an ergonomic design.

The kiosk collects biometric as well as documentary data authenticating a wide variety of identity documents in less than 30 seconds. Combined with facial recognition, fraud is automatically prevented and Unilink’s application software generates packages of biometric data as required for secure transmission.

The BEK01 will shortly be in use in multiple locations nationwide.  

People using the kiosk will be able to submit biometric information including photos, fingerprints, and signatures. This means that individuals don’t have to hand over important identity documents, such as passports or other forms of ID.   As well as streamlining the customer journey, the kiosks also offer organisations significant advantages as data collection is considerably more accurate, saving time, money and effort.

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Our Tailored Solution

Whilst we are confident our modular solution will answer any need, we understand that our clients sometimes want a kiosk that is tailored to their exact specification.

To find out how Acante can create a bespoke solution that answers all your requirements, get in touch and we’ll get back to you.