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Acante has an excellent reputation in the kiosk marketplace for producing innovative, secure and high-quality solutions.

Designed and manufactured in the UK, Acante’s range has been specifically developed for the personal identification, information and self-service markets, combined with the ability to produce bespoke kiosk solutions to satisfy customer requirements.



The Range

Acante’s kiosk range has been created with the customer at the forefront of the design process. The modular design enables the flexibility of a tailored solution, allowing the customer to personalise the look and select a wide range of auxiliary components whilst offering the lead time of an off-the-shelf product.

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Tailored Solutions

With an in-house design team, engineering capability and impressive R&D centre, Acante can produce beautiful, high-quality bespoke kiosks to suit your every need.

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British Made

Acante is one of a select few companies that design and manufacture all of its kiosks in the UK and where possible source from local UK based companies.

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Our Tailored Solution

Whilst we are confident our modular solution will answer any need, we understand that our clients sometimes want a kiosk that is tailored to their exact specification.

To find out how Acante can create a bespoke solution that answers all your requirements, get in touch and we’ll get back to you.