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Innovative, Secure and High-Quality Touchscreen Kiosk Solutions

Acante has an excellent reputation in the kiosk marketplace for producing innovative, secure and high-quality solutions. The team at Acante has been supplying intelligent touchscreen kiosks for over 30 years and has deployed thousands of identification, information and self-service kiosks globally.


Delivering high-quality, innovative kiosk solutions to identify, inform and serve.


Revolutionise the way people around the world are identified, informed and served.

Our Values

To be the leading global supplier of innovative kiosk solutions for the identification, information and self-service markets.

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About Acante

Acante has designed and manufactured intelligent touchscreen kiosks in the UK for over 30 years under a number of different company names.

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Our Team

Acante devotes significant resources to ensure we attract, develop and retain the brightest talent.

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Together we have developed unique products that are easily maintainable, robust and highly secure which means we have happy customers too. We chose Acante for flexibility, focus on us the customer, design skill and most of all product quality. We are working closely with Acante planning several future projects which will allow us to produce products for global markets. Francis Toye, Unilink Group Founder & CEO.

We were looking for a supplier who would understand our requirements and would build us a be-spoke kiosk design and we cannot be more thrilled with what Acante have delivered for us. The whole experience from the initial design phase all the way through to implementation was done with a real degree of professionalism whilst putting the customer at the heart of what they do. We are extremely pleased with the kiosks, feedback has been extremely positive from customers and colleagues and we’re looking forward to working with Acante in the future. Martyn Brett-Lee, Commercial Director, Welcome Break

It was important that we found a trusted supplier of hardware to work with us on such an important project. We were especially impressed by Acante’s track record in the delivery of highly-robust kiosk hardware within other public sector markets. Delivering self-check in as part of an integrated EPR offering will undoubtedly lead to a more efficient process, which can only benefit the patient experience. Steve Richardson, Client Solutions Director, System C.

Our Tailored Solution

Whilst we are confident our modular solution will answer any need, we understand that our clients sometimes want a kiosk that is tailored to their exact specification.

To find out how Acante can create a bespoke solution that answers all your requirements, get in touch and we’ll get back to you.