Biometric Identification Kiosks

Secure, accurate and trustworthy touchscreen kiosk using the latest technologies, a biometric kiosk can uniquely identify an individual by evaluating one or more human body characteristics e.g. fingerprint, facial patterns, to authenticate the user. The biometric identification kiosk can be used to meet a wide range of business and consumer scenarios.

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Our Modular Biometric Kiosk Solution

Acante’s biometric identification kiosk range has been designed to support the growing demand for secure access control and personal authentication. The biometric kiosk is equipped with a flat table providing a comfortable user interface, and a wide range of options for screen configuration, mounting and peripherals.

To provide maximum flexibility in an off-the-shelf product, the multi-touch Projective Capacitive (PCAP) touchscreen comes in two sizes and the customer can select their preferred orientation.

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Single sided floor mount

23.6 or 32″ Portrait/Landscape configuration

A single sided freestanding kiosk with the screen height and angle ergonomically designed for convenient and user-friendly interface.

Available in a range of colours and logo’s or graphic can be added to the stand to provide a personal look.

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Double sided floor mount

23.6 or 32″ Portrait configuration

A double sided freestanding kiosk allows two users to operate the kiosk at the same time, ideal for high use applications.

Available in a range of colours and logo’s or graphic can be added to the stand to provide a personalised look.

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Wall mount

23.6 or 32″ Portrait configuration

A wall mounted kiosk provides the same great functionality without a stand.  The kiosk mounts directly onto the wall and is the perfect solution for areas with limited floor space.

Available in a. range of colours providing the ability to style the kiosk with the wall it is mounted on.

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