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How to Pick the Right Kiosk for Your Business

Use cases for self-service kiosks are expanding rapidly. As a result, the form and function of kiosks is multiplying at a similarly advanced rate. For example, at Acante we sell kiosks for three main purposes - identification and authentication, information [...]

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Five Ways to Use a Kiosk for ID Authentication

Kiosks have come to prominence in the form of self-service checkouts and other types of automated customer transaction. But placing orders and taking payments is just one of many possible uses for a kiosk. With the right hardware accessories, kiosks [...]

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After the Touchscreen: Is the Future Touchless Kiosks?

Self-service kiosks are a rapidly evolving technology. The more business sectors and individual organisations cotton onto their potential, the more the technology adapts to different applications and needs. Between now and 2028, the global kiosk market is forecast to more [...]

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Bespoke Kiosks: Does Your Business Need One?

Touchscreen kiosks are designed to fit a wide range of applications, but some situations call for bespoke kiosks. Here are five signs your business would benefit from a bespoke kiosk: Styling must stand out Touchscreen kiosks are made to be aesthetically pleasing. That [...]

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How to Create a Customer Experience Strategy

Wondering how to create a customer experience strategy? Customer demands and expectations are changing all the time, and businesses need to stay ahead of the game if they want to deliver an outstanding customer experience. A solid customer experience strategy [...]

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How to Use Digital Kiosks in Retail

Retail spaces are transforming all the time and digital kiosks are now an integral part of the landscape for most successful customer facing retail businesses. From supermarkets to fast food restaurants, this technology has been adopted to streamline ordering processes, [...]

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What Are Digital Building Directories?

You’ve probably heard of them before, but if you’ve ever asked yourself ‘just what are digital building directories?’, then wonder no more. As with all types of digital signage, they have plenty of advantages. In all likelihood you’ll have seen [...]

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Which Interactive Kiosk Should You Buy?

The benefits of interactive kiosks have been widely discussed. Therefore, it’s unsurprising they have become ubiquitous sights in shops, showrooms, museums and work-settings globally. One of the great strengths of an interactive kiosk is its suitability to serve a specific [...]

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Self-Service Kiosks For Car Dealerships: What Are Their Benefits?

Self-service kiosks for car dealerships are in increasingly high demand. Their versatility, underpinned by powerful and wide-ranging functionality, makes them beneficial additions to car showrooms and dealership offices alike. From HR benefits and marketing opportunities to a slicker customer experience, [...]

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