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Why Self-Service Will Never Spell the End of People Power

It was Alan Turing, code-breaking war hero, computer science pioneer and all-around mathematical genius, who gave one of the earliest versions of the much-recycled “the machines are taking over” quote. It was during a pretty obscure lecture given in 1951 that Turing suggested that humanity would “at some stage… have to expect the machines to [...]

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  • Self-Checkout

Cutting Through the Media Noise Around Self-Checkout

In our last blog, we tackled the issue of the high shrink rates being reported at supermarket self-checkout points, as customers supposedly take advantage of ‘weak’ security. Our perspective is that the weakness isn’t something inherent in the technology, but rather in the way it is being deployed, without the kind of checks appropriate to [...]

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  • Self Service

How Self-Service Can Complement Human Interactions

Nearly every business these days could be described as a hybrid operation. That’s hybrid in the sense of a mix of human and machine. The advance of digital technology means that the days when every process and interaction was handled manually by people are a long way behind us. But at the same time, a [...]

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How to Give Your Guests the Best Self-Service Experience in 2024

Self-service kiosks are having a transformational impact across customer-facing industries. Much of the buzz is focused on retail and the quick-service restaurant (QSR) sector. But that hardly scratches the surface of where kiosks are being used to reimagine the customer experience. Hotels, airports, cinemas, leisure attractions - you can also add more service-oriented sectors like [...]

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  • Benefits of Feedback

Five Benefits of Including Feedback Options on Your Kiosks

Customer feedback has become a familiar feature of the digital world. Buy something online, visit a website, download an app, you’ll often be asked to leave a review or share whether you were satisfied with the experience (or otherwise). There’s good reason for this. According to Zendesk, online customer reviews influence 88% of consumer buying [...]

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  • Voice Ordering Kiosk

What are the Benefits of Voice-Controlled Kiosks?

Self-service ordering points changed the face of the quick-service restaurant (QSR) sector. Now we could be on the verge of another revolution. And it’s all thanks to voice-recognition AI - the kind of technology that lets you control your Alexa or Google Home devices without a screen, just by the power of your voice alone. [...]

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What Do People Really Think About Self-Service?

Self-service is part of the modern world we live in. Whether it’s scanning items at a supermarket self-checkout aisle, or browsing through an online knowledgebase to find out how to resolve an issue with a digital service, we’re all used to the ‘DIY’ approach these days. But what do we think of all this, really? [...]

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