• Voice Ordering Kiosk

What are the Benefits of Voice-Controlled Kiosks?

Self-service ordering points changed the face of the quick-service restaurant (QSR) sector. Now we could be on the verge of another revolution. And it’s all thanks to voice-recognition AI - the kind of technology that lets you control your Alexa or Google Home devices without a screen, just by the power of your voice alone. [...]

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  • Self-Service

What Do People Really Think About Self-Service?

Self-service is part of the modern world we live in. Whether it’s scanning items at a supermarket self-checkout aisle, or browsing through an online knowledgebase to find out how to resolve an issue with a digital service, we’re all used to the ‘DIY’ approach these days. But what do we think of all this, really? [...]

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  • Returns kiosk

Why a Returns Kiosk Should Be Top of Every Retailer’s Christmas List

No retailer expects every customer to be happy with every item they purchase. But a worrying rise in the number of returns is causing businesses all sorts of headaches. And with Christmas just around the corner, many retailers are bracing themselves for a post-festive season avalanche of returned gifts, posing considerable logistical challenges, adding unwanted [...]

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  • Creating Interactive Experiences In Store

Four Tips for Creating Interactive Experiences In Store

In a previous post, we set out to explain the role that interactive kiosks could play in revamping bricks-and-mortar retail. With falling footfall and customer expectations increasingly conditioned by the digital experiences they get online, retailers are under pressure to find new ways to engage the people who step through their doors. Kiosks, we argued, [...]

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  • Self-Service Card Dispensing

Five Benefits Of Self-Service Card Dispensing

Self-service card dispensing has become increasingly popular among businesses and institutions. Making full use of the innovations kiosk technology offers, modern self-service dispensers automate the entire process of creating and issuing cards, whether for identification, security clearance, access, store loyalty cards, or for any other purpose. One of the reasons self-service card dispensing continues to [...]

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  • Self-Service Kiosk

Four Easy Wins to Optimise the Self-Service Kiosk Experience

It’s no secret why self-service kiosks have proven to be such a roaring success. 85% of consumers say that self-service is quicker and more convenient than staffed alternatives. In other words, kiosks provide a winning experience that is right in line with modern consumers’ expectations. But that doesn’t mean anyone can be complacent about what [...]

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  • Self-service kiosks

Five Questions to Ask Before You Buy Your Next Kiosk

Globally, self-service kiosks represent a real growth market. Some forecasts put expected CAGR over the next five years into double-digits, as more and more businesses across all sectors of the economy look to get onboard with this game-changing technology. The reasons why the adoption of kiosks is continuing at such a pace are not difficult [...]

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  • Inclusivity

Four Ways Kiosks Can Boost Inclusivity

Inclusivity is one of the watchwords of the modern world. Yet despite great strides being made in recent years to make workplaces and public spaces more accessible and welcoming to all, it’s clear we still have a long way to go. One in five people still don’t think their place of work is inclusive, while [...]

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