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Four Tips for Creating Interactive Experiences In Store

In a previous post, we set out to explain the role that interactive kiosks could play in revamping bricks-and-mortar retail. With falling footfall and customer expectations increasingly conditioned by the digital experiences they get online, retailers are under pressure to [...]

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Five Benefits Of Self-Service Card Dispensing

Self-service card dispensing has become increasingly popular among businesses and institutions. Making full use of the innovations kiosk technology offers, modern self-service dispensers automate the entire process of creating and issuing cards, whether for identification, security clearance, access, store loyalty [...]

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Emerging Trends in Self-Service Checkout

Self-service checkout can nowadays be considered a mature technology, especially in the hyper-accelerated terms of digitisation. One of the original use cases for kiosks, self-checkout is now a familiar point of sale option across retail, hospitality, leisure and entertainment, travel [...]

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How Kiosks Can Support Sustainability

With the COP27 summit in November 2022, the increasingly urgent need to tackle climate change was once again been at the top of the news agenda. But the truth is, for individuals and businesses alike, this is no longer an [...]

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