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How Self-Service Can Complement Human Interactions

Nearly every business these days could be described as a hybrid operation. That’s hybrid in the sense of a mix of human and machine. The advance of digital technology means that the days when every process and interaction was handled [...]

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Five Questions to Ask Before You Buy Your Next Kiosk

Globally, self-service kiosks represent a real growth market. Some forecasts put expected CAGR over the next five years into double-digits, as more and more businesses across all sectors of the economy look to get onboard with this game-changing technology. The [...]

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Four Ways Kiosks Can Boost Inclusivity

Inclusivity is one of the watchwords of the modern world. Yet despite great strides being made in recent years to make workplaces and public spaces more accessible and welcoming to all, it’s clear we still have a long way to [...]

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How Kiosk Technology is Driving Smart Vending

Remember the vending machines of old? Coin-operated, and mechanical, it often felt something of a lottery as to whether you’d get the product you wanted. Today’s models look very different. Slick, digital, touchscreen operated - like so many electronic devices, [...]

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Emerging Trends in Self-Service Checkout

Self-service checkout can nowadays be considered a mature technology, especially in the hyper-accelerated terms of digitisation. One of the original use cases for kiosks, self-checkout is now a familiar point of sale option across retail, hospitality, leisure and entertainment, travel [...]

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