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Five Ways to Use a Kiosk for ID Authentication

Kiosks have come to prominence in the form of self-service checkouts and other types of automated customer transaction. But placing orders and taking payments is just one of many possible uses for a kiosk. With the right hardware accessories, kiosks [...]

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After the Touchscreen: Is the Future Touchless Kiosks?

Self-service kiosks are a rapidly evolving technology. The more business sectors and individual organisations cotton onto their potential, the more the technology adapts to different applications and needs. Between now and 2028, the global kiosk market is forecast to more [...]

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Bespoke Kiosks: Does Your Business Need One?

Touchscreen kiosks are designed to fit a wide range of applications, but some situations call for bespoke kiosks. Here are five signs your business would benefit from a bespoke kiosk: Styling must stand out Touchscreen kiosks are made to be aesthetically pleasing. That [...]

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How Self-Service Kiosks Could Deliver You ROI

At Acante, we’re well placed to talk about how self-service kiosks could deliver you return on investment (ROI). Not only are we leaders in the industry, but our kiosks have a track record of delivering ROI for our clients. Recently, [...]

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Benefits of Using an Interactive Kiosk in Religious Settings

Offering numerous practical functions, interactive kiosks are increasingly used in a variety of commercial and non-commercial settings. As well as being mainstays in supermarkets, stations, and cinemas, we’re increasingly seeing interactive kiosks in religious settings. In this article, we look [...]

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Interactive Kiosks for Museums: the Benefits

Interactive kiosks for museums are a great way to bring exhibitions to life and engage visitors in a more meaningful way. Kiosks enable visitors to connect with exhibitions on a deeper level, and can improve their experience in a number [...]

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4 Benefits of Adding a Contactless Payment Kiosk

Like a normal self-service payment kiosk, a contactless payment kiosk allows customers to pay for items without the assistance of a cashier. However, a contactless payment kiosk also provides a simple plastic pad that can read a special chip fixed [...]

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Self-Service Kiosks in Restaurants: the Benefits and Challenges

Self-service kiosks in restaurants are becoming increasingly common. Fast food giant McDonald’s recently adopted self-service ordering kiosks, and in March last year healthy fast food chain Tossed opened what is thought to be the UK’s first completely cashless restaurant. Self-service [...]

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McDonald’s Touchscreen Kiosks: A Case Study

Have you been to a McDonald’s restaurant lately? If so, there’s a good chance you’ve come across one of the new McDonald’s touchscreen kiosks. These self-ordering screens have been cropping up in many of the fast-food chain’s restaurants over recent [...]

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