Deploying a promotional touchscreen kiosk can be a great way to engage customers, build brand loyalty and increase sales.

We’ve come up with some promotional touchscreen kiosk tips to help boost your business.

Use QR codes

Making a sale is great, but you should also be looking to take down customers’ contact details.

Online businesses often collect email addresses so they can message their customers about new offers and stock additions, but you can get the same result with less effort on the customer’s part by simply including a QR (quick response) code.

Customers will be able to scan the code with their smartphones to receive relevant rewards and provide their contact information. You can then reach out to them with promotional materials later on.

Position your promotional touchscreen kiosk intelligently

Promotional touchscreen kiosk placement can be tricky. You want the kiosk to be out of the way enough to ensure it doesn’t create any unnecessary crowds.

At the same time, you want it to be visible to both passers-by and people already on your premises.

Try to consider sightlines when you choose the position of your kiosks. Make sure that the kiosk sits so it can be easily viewed from the outside of your store, as well as from the areas where most customers congregate.

If possible, you could fit a kiosk just outside your business premises. This will let you display your promotional materials to anyone passing by, though it’s a strategy best left to businesses in enclosed spaces like shopping centres.

Invest in the right software

You might have the best kiosks in the world, but they’ll only create a favourable impression if the software is up to scratch.

An intuitive design is key, and it’s often worth taking the time to have custom designs created that fit around your business.

Dull, uninspiring software won’t present a memorable or positive impression of your business. In fact, it might actually work against you.

Think about style

The first thing people notice about your kiosk won’t be what it’s offering or how engaging the interface is. Instead, people will simply notice the way your kiosk looks.

Appearances are significant when it comes to promotional efforts, so you should take care to pick a kiosk that suits your business.

Research suggests that people form their impressions of a product within 90 seconds, and that up to 90% of their assessment is based around colour alone.

Choose your colour scheme carefully and pick a design that catches the attention of passers-by. You could also consider branding your kiosk using custom decals.

We hope these tips help you promote your business using kiosks. To find out more about our kiosk solutions, get in touch with us today.