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Interactive Kiosks in the Public Sector

At Acante, we’ve been working with Unilink to serve the public sector for over 25 years and developed a range of Interactive Kiosk solutions to transform both the prison environment and the UK Visa and Immigration (UKVI) service.

From secure prison touchscreen kiosks to high-tech Biometric Kiosks for enrolment, the Acante identification and self-service interactive kiosks provide a revolutionary experience that enables self-sufficient prisoner and immigration applications.

What we deliver


Products designed and manufactured to meet the highest of security standards set by the criminal justice service and UKVI. All Acante staff have CTC clearance.


Quality is our number one priority with kiosks that need to operate in rough environments whilst looking good and functioning perfectly.


Introducing self-service kiosks that allow your customers to serve themselves resulting in much shorter wait times, quicker service and improved accuracy. This is particularly prevalent in the UKVI application with customers visiting local kiosks rather than driving hundreds of miles to immigration centres.


Enabling customers to self-serve frees up employees to utilise their skills on other more pressing tasks or participate in continuous improvement, further increasing efficiency. This is vitally important in the prison environment allowing correction officers to spend less time on administration tasks and focus on direct work with inmates supporting their rehabilitation.

Our Interactive Kiosk Markets

Our Tailored Interactive Kiosk Solution

Whilst we are confident our modular touchscreen kiosk solutions will answer any need, we understand that our clients sometimes want an interactive kiosk that is tailored to their exact specification.

To find out how Acante can create a bespoke interactive kiosk solution that answers all your requirements, get in touch and we’ll get back to you.