Like a normal self-service payment kiosk, a contactless payment kiosk allows customers to pay for items without the assistance of a cashier.

However, a contactless payment kiosk also provides a simple plastic pad that can read a special chip fixed in many bank cards.

Here are four reasons to consider adding one to your business.

It puts money in your pocket

If you’ve been thinking about adding a contactless payment kiosk to your business, the research is certainly on your side.

As of December 2016, there are a total of 102.7m contactless cards in the UK, representing a 0.8% rise compared to the previous month and a 25.8% rise over the previous year.

Better yet, customers really do seem to be using the contactless option. An estimated £3.37 billion was spent in the UK using contactless cards during December 2016, representing a staggering 180.7% increase from the previous year.

With consumers relying ever more heavily on contactless cards, it makes sense to  take advantage of this trend by adding a contactless payment kiosk to your business.

It speeds up the buying process

One of the most compelling reasons to invest in any self-service kiosk is speeding up the buying process without having to hire more staff.

During busier times of day it can be hard to keep up with demand, and some customers may even leave instead of waiting in line to make their purchases.

Adding a contactless payment option can help alleviate this issue. It takes less time to tap a card against a pad than it does to enter a PIN and wait for the information to go through. Lines won’t be as long, and they’ll move a lot faster when they do develop.

It provides an enhanced sense of security

One disadvantage of using a self-service kiosk is that it’s far easier for someone to look over your shoulder and steal your PIN when they aren’t also facing a cashier.

This sometimes makes customers nervous about using kiosks. However, the majority of contactless payments don’t require a PIN to be entered, so this isn’t something that users will need to worry about.

Additionally, contactless payments are very secure. Multiple layers of security have been implemented to protect against fraud.

It’s more convenient for your customers

Enhanced security is great, but most consumers enjoy contactless payments simply because they’re convenient.

You don’t have to worry about inserting your card and entering your PIN. In fact, most contactless cards can be used through a wallet, so payment can be completed in a flash.

Anything that makes the buying process more convenient for your customers is going to be good for your business.

You may even find that more people come in to make quick impulse purchases when they know that contactless payment is an option.

4 Benefits of adding a contactless payment kiosk – a summary

Adding a contactless payment kiosk to your business will help make transactions more efficient and improve the customer experience, which ultimately may contribute to increasing sales.

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