Touchscreen kiosks are designed to fit a wide range of applications, but some situations call for bespoke kiosks.

Here are five signs your business would benefit from a bespoke kiosk:

Styling must stand out

Touchscreen kiosks are made to be aesthetically pleasing. That said, their looks are rarely of prime importance.

If a hospital, museum or supermarket requires a kiosk, something relatively neutral and unobtrusive is typically best.

However, some businesses benefit from having a kiosk that boasts standout styling.

If you run a nightclub, for example, a standard model might look ever so slightly incongruous. Instead, you might want your kiosk to be styled uniquely in a way that reflects your business.

Multiple touchscreens will benefit you

Most touchscreen kiosks only employ a single touchscreen, which is generally what businesses are after.

Again, the single touchscreen setup might be popular, but that doesn’t mean that it’s appropriate for all cases. Some businesses may instead want bespoke kiosks with two touchscreens.

This setup could allow two people to use the same machine, which is perfect when crowds are expected. Alternatively, it could allow one person to enter information while the other screen is used for a separate purpose, such as broadcasting special offers to others passersby.

Unique features are desirable

Bespoke kiosks can fit around unique business needs by offering a full range of additional features.

Most touchscreen kiosks are designed to stand in one area at all times. If yours is going to need to move from place to place, retractable wheels can be a convenient addition.

Kiosks with sound tend to operate at fairly quiet volumes. If yours could benefit from extra volume, strong external sound systems might be a welcome feature.

Challenging spaces must be accommodated

Some businesses might need to put their kiosk in a small or oddly-shaped space. In these cases, a typical  kiosk might prove too bulky to fit into the required area, or it may slow down foot traffic by creating a bottleneck.

A bespoke kiosk could be the perfect solution to this problem. A supplier will be able to measure the space and develop a bespoke kiosk that fits perfectly.

As an added bonus, these kiosks will blend with their surroundings more naturally than an off-the-rack machine.

Full branding is important

Kiosks can be used for promotional purposes just as effectively as they can be used to provide information.

If you require a kiosk for a situation or site where branding is important, like a trade show, it makes sense to pick out a bespoke model to reflect your company’s colours and logo.

Manufacturers can even develop a uniquely shaped outer casing to really turn heads.

Bespoke kiosks: does your business need one?

There are lots of situations where ready-made kiosks just won’t cut it. If any of the signs we’ve mentioned applies to your business, bespoke kiosks may be the way forward.

Want to know more about bespoke kiosks? Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help you.