Globally, self-service kiosks represent a real growth market. Some forecasts put expected CAGR over the next five years into double-digits, as more and more businesses across all sectors of the economy look to get onboard with this game-changing technology.

The reasons why the adoption of kiosks is continuing at such a pace are not difficult to unpick. Self-service kiosks have become as popular as they are because they help businesses to increase efficiency and enhance customer experiences. They offer convenience, speed, and flexibility, making them an ideal choice for businesses looking for ways to inform, serve and connect with customers across industries.

However, with numerous kiosk solutions available in the market, choosing the right one for your business can feel a little overwhelming. If you are a first-time buyer looking to introduce kiosks for the first time, you will inevitably be asking yourself questions like, which type of kiosk is the right one for my business? What do I need? Who do I trust?

At Acante, we place a big emphasis on helping businesses make fully informed decisions to ensure they choose the kiosk that is right for them and for their customers. A good starting point is knowing the right questions to ask a kiosk vendor. Here are five that will set you on the right path.

How can the vendor help with kiosk design and customisation?

No two kiosk solutions are the same. Even when you compare two very similar organisations in the same sector, for reasons of space, differing operations and simply wanting to create a unique experience, a reliable vendor should proactively provide design alternatives and advice based on each company’s specific needs. Modular kiosk design goes a long way to help ensure you end up with a product that best serves your business goals.

What is the design and build process?

When it comes to ordering a customised product, it’s important to understand the vendor’s design and build process to ensure transparency and clarity. Ask about your involvement in the process, the timeline for completion, and how any potential challenges that may arise will be dealt with.

Can they provide examples of kiosks they have designed and built?

A golden rule of tech investment is to not just look but try before you buy. Even after you have reviewed the vendor’s portfolio to assess the quality and variety of kiosks they have created in the past, ask to see working examples in person to get a more complete feel for their capabilities. Ask the vendor to explain the design brief and how they met it.

What is the cost?

This sounds like a basic one, but don’t just assume the ‘book price’ is what you will end up paying. Request a detailed breakdown of the costs involved, including any additional charges such as installation or ongoing support fees. Ensure that the pricing aligns with your budget while considering the overall value and quality offered.

Can they provide references from previous clients?

There’s nothing like hearing the opinions of previous or current customers to help you decide whether a vendor is the right fit for you. Ask for references and, if possible, speak to previous clients to gain insights into their experience working with the vendor. Inquire about the functionality, durability, and overall satisfaction with the kiosk solution.


Investing in a self-service kiosk solution can revolutionise your business operations and enhance customer experiences. But you need to make the right choice of kiosk, and that starts with the right choice of vendor. Asking vendors the right questions will go a long way to helping you make the right decision. Remember to prioritise experience, customisation options, quality, and ongoing support when making your decision.

For further information and expert advice on self-service kiosks, contact us today. Acante is committed to providing innovative, customisable, and high-quality kiosk solutions tailored to your business needs.