The benefits of interactive kiosks are well established.

It’s therefore unsurprising that demand for kiosks, across a wide range of sectors, continues to increase.

For many businesses, installing a kiosk, or multiple interactive screens is part of a strategy to improve customer experiences and increase revenue. As such, once the idea to go ahead with interactive kiosks is signed off, they want to move quickly.

However, there’s more to installing an interactive kiosk than simply plugging it in.

In this blog, we discuss how long it takes to install an interactive kiosk – and look at how Acante offers one of the most efficient routes from idea to installation and impact.

What are the phases of installing an interactive kiosk?

Interactive kiosks can often be built bespoke to fit your specific business needs.

In this case, a planning phase to workshop the precise functionality of a kiosk is necessary to make it as effective as possible.

Not all kiosks are made equal. There are different options available in terms of look and feel and hardware – from the size and orientation of your kiosk to the peripherals you add, such as cameras, scanners or printers.

Decisions here depend on placement – another crucial part of the planning stage. Finding the best locations for your kiosks is not as simple as looking for high-traffic locations.

Have you looked at customer flow in-store? It is important that kiosks are positioned where they will have maximum impact, without causing bottlenecks.

Expert advice is a must – and any company that can take you through the entirety of the planning stage without having to bring in third-party support is going to take less time to install.

How long does it take to install an interactive kiosk?

As you can see, there are a number of variables to consider in the planning process. The speed at which this is completed impacts the length of time between inception of the idea, installation of kiosks, and project completion.

You’ll see a variety of lengths of time for such projects detailed online, often without a specific case study attached.

For Acante, once the scoping and planning stage is complete, we are well-placed to move swiftly from order to installation.

We pride ourselves on delivering and installing interactive kiosks for our clients in no more than eight weeks.

And how do we do it so quickly?

We are planners, design experts and installers. There is no need to outsource at any point in the order-to-installation journey. We’re UK based and have close oversight of our supply chains, reducing the chance of any delays.

Installing an interactive kiosk – let us help you

Investing in an interactive kiosk setup is often a big step for an organisation, and can represent a large (albeit worthwhile) investment for small businesses.

Expert advice is essential to making the right choice in a crowded marketplace – and one where the tech offers a huge number of variables.

Our friendly and experienced team will be with you every step of the way, right up to installing your interactive kiosks.

If you’d like to find out how long it might take to install interactive kiosks at your business or organisation, and how your specific requirements might impact this, get in touch today.