Retail spaces are transforming all the time and digital kiosks are now an integral part of the landscape for most successful customer facing retail businesses. From supermarkets to fast food restaurants, this technology has been adopted to streamline ordering processes, boost brand awareness and allow customers to access to a wealth of information in a matter of seconds. In this article, we discuss some of the ways digital kiosks can be utilised effectively in the world of retail.

Product Information

Many large department stores use digital kiosks to allow their customers to search for specific product information while they’re on the premises. Though web-based information is always useful, having access to a full catalogue of products while in a physical retail space means customer can browse and compare several items before making a purchase. Being able to check things like size, colour, compatibility and price in a matter of seconds allows people to find exactly what they’re looking for, without needing assistance from a member of staff.

Digital Ordering

For high volume retail operations, manpower can be an issue. Digital ordering streamlines the whole process and allows customers to select the items they’re interested in and even pay for their goods via contactless transactions. Though having staff members on hand to pick the orders and assist with any issues that may arise is recommended, digital ordering means businesses can operate a smooth, efficient service, even without a large number of staff on site.


Feedback and customer reviews are commonplace in 2020 and are generally seen as a great way of checking the quality of a business. Allowing your customers to leave instant feedback means you can capture vital data about how your processes are working and identify any areas that would benefit from improvement. For poor feedback and complaints, digital kiosks allow businesses to respond in real time. For example, if a customer has given a very low star rating due to a problem, your kiosk can signal a member of staff to deal to rectify the situation by offering a refund or finding another solution.


From short videos to interactive games, there’s all kinds of ways digital kiosks can be used for advertising in retail spaces. Showcasing new products in store by displaying them as the customer enters can be a great way to kickstart sales and demonstration videos that show products in action can add an extra dimension that you just don’t get with a static poster or traditional signage. Similarly, interactive displays that encourage the customer to get hands on can provide a sense of fun and novelty that elevates your brand image.

Digital Signage

The versatility of digital kiosks means that they can be used for basic digital signage as well as interactive tasks. Whether you need to direct customers to specific sections of the store or provide basic health and safety information, a well-designed and properly positioned kiosk is often a far better option than physical posters or signs.

How to Use Digital Kiosks in Retail

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