Interactive kiosks for museums are a great way to bring exhibitions to life and engage visitors in a more meaningful way.

Kiosks enable visitors to connect with exhibitions on a deeper level, and can improve their experience in a number of different ways.

Here are four ways interactive kiosks for museums can improve the visitor experience.

Improving communication and understanding

Every object in a museum has a story to tell. In most cases, those stories would amount to much more information than could feasibly be displayed.

For this reason, museums need to make sure they communicate key information in an easily digestible, engaging way.

It can become wearing to read lots and lots of text at an exhibition. If there’s nothing but text on labels or panels, visitors may lose interest and stop reading after a while.

Mixing it up with interactive kiosks is a good way to hold people’s interest, enabling museums to convey more information and tell the objects’ stories more completely.

Increasing engagement through interaction

Interactive kiosks for museums provide an opportunity for visitors to actively engage with exhibitions.

They offer a platform to showcase content which combines text, images, video, audio and interactive elements to communicate information in an exciting and accessible way.

Quizzes, games, interactive maps and infographics are all great ways to deliver informative, educational and entertaining content in a way that deepens visitors’ understanding of the exhibition and enhances their experience.

Using video to tell a story

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. If that’s true, we’d hazard a guess that a video is worth even more.

People love videos – just look at the surging popularity of YouTube if you want proof. The site has over one billion users, and serves one billion hours of video content every day.

Kiosks allow museums to take advantage of that popularity, and tell stories which give visitors a deeper insight into the subject of the exhibition.

Keeping relevant in a digital-led world

We’re all aware of the stereotype of the stuffy, boring museum with displays that haven’t changed for decades.

Of course, most of us know that it’s just that – a stereotype – and that most museums are exciting places full of fascinating objects and exhibits.

However, it can’t hurt to dispel that stereotype even more by embracing digital technology in the form of interactive kiosks for museums.

Using technology is a great way to engage children and younger visitors, many of whom may have grown up interacting with technology near constantly.

And for less tech-savvy visitors, kiosks can be a non-threatening and easy-to-use introduction to a technology they may not be familiar with.

Interactive kiosks for museums: it’s a no-brainer

Interactive kiosks for museums provide a multitude of benefits, all centred around enhancing the visitor experience and improving engagement with the displays and exhibitions.

Our range of museum kiosks has been developed over a period of years using feedback acquired directly from museums. Our interactive touchscreen solutions cater for every need, no matter how bespoke.