Self-service kiosks for car dealerships are in increasingly high demand.

Their versatility, underpinned by powerful and wide-ranging functionality, makes them beneficial additions to car showrooms and dealership offices alike.

From HR benefits and marketing opportunities to a slicker customer experience, digital kiosks can have a major positive impact in the automotive space.

In this blog, we look at the benefits of self-service kiosks for car dealerships.

Reduced staffing requirements

A whole host of industries cite reduced staff requirements as one of the principal benefits of a self-service kiosk.

Numerous tasks can be completed via a digital kiosk, reducing the need for staff to engage directly with customers.

For example, users can browse purchase options and source additional information on particular vehicles. They can even register for servicing if they are an existing customer.

This potentially limits the number of on-site staff required, directly reducing costs.

Additionally, the staff who are present can focus on the more profitable tasks in the dealership – spending more time focusing on providing a quality customer experience.

Smoother customer experiences

For one reason or another, car salespeople can occasionally get a reputation for attempting a “hard sell”.

While some customers may relish the chance to “haggle” for the best price, many may opt to conduct initial research via a kiosk before engaging an employee.

We often see self-service kiosks offering a smooth-running dealership experience for customers.

For example, well-placed kiosks allow customers to quickly check-in, reduce wait times, and enter the sales funnel before interacting with a salesperson.

What’s more, kiosks can offer functionalities such as round-the-clock key drop off for cars requiring servicing, giving customers more flexibility around their working hours.

Self-service kiosks benefit COVID-19 security

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the safety of both customers and staff is a top priority in all retail settings.

Self-service kiosks reduce the number of direct contacts in a showroom setting since visitors can complete tasks without interacting with staff.

What’s more, a self-service kiosk can be easily sanitised with little effort or time required, reducing the risk of passing on the virus.

Even as restrictions are eased, car dealerships should expect to see customer preference for non-contact engagement continuing well into the future – 34% of customers plan to majorly increase their use of self-service options.

Opportunities for data collection 

Data collection presents a wealth of opportunities to car dealerships – and self-service kiosks are the perfect medium for this.

By requiring visitors to input personal data, staff can make follow-up inquiries to move the potential customer further through the sales funnel.

Options for customers to provide additional details around their preferred choice of vehicle, budget and timeframe for purchase offer further useful insights to salespeople.

Digital kiosks offer a wealth of potential integrations – such as with social media platforms. These allow dealerships to engage customers via an increased number of touchpoints.

Self-service kiosks for car dealerships

There are numerous benefits to self-service kiosks for car dealerships.

Remember, when it comes to digital kiosks, there are numerous options available – including bespoke solutions adapted to your business needs.

If you’re considering adding self-service kiosks to your car dealership, it’s well worth speaking to an expert.

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