The benefits of interactive kiosks have been widely discussed.

Therefore, it’s unsurprising they have become ubiquitous sights in shops, showrooms, museums and work-settings globally.

One of the great strengths of an interactive kiosk is its suitability to serve a specific function – via either hardware or software.

This means when purchasing one for your organisation, you do need to consider the range of products available to make the most appropriate choice.

In this article we discuss which interactive kiosk you should buy for your situation.

What function will interactive kiosks serve?

This is the first question to ask yourself when starting the process of looking for an interactive kiosk.

Will the kiosk be transactional i.e., processing payments for customers?

Does it need to be equipped with way-finding technology?

Will it host information that needs regular in-house updating such as a restaurant menu?

As the kiosk market has grown, there has been a shift away from one-size-fits-all solutions, with more bespoke units demonstrating greater effectiveness.

At Acante, we split our range into Ident, Inform and Serve – each adapted for certain settings through specialised functionality.

Knowing the purpose behind your purchase will help an expert guide you through the models available.

Where will the kiosk be placed?

It’s no longer uncommon to find kiosks outdoors.

Indeed, they make fantastic way-finding tools, work brilliantly as information points, and are effective at managing queues externally from premises (particularly pertinent since the Covid-19 pandemic).

However, if intending to place your interactive kiosk outdoors, you will want to keep that front of mind when browsing.

Not all kiosks are weather-proof, nor will they all have the robust physical security necessary to be kept outside and unattended.

Whether inside or outside, you’ll need to consider power supply access and internet connectivity. This doesn’t have to be a limiting factor, but it will help you identify the specific model suited to your needs.

What level of security tech is needed?

It goes without saying that security is at the heart of what we do and the kiosks we make.

We pride ourselves in providing security solutions tailored to our customers’ needs. In some cases, this may simply be robust online protections.

In other cases, something more bespoke may be necessary. Our Ident range demonstrates this with its biometric functionality.

From ID card scanning, to facial recognition you can be sure data and transactions on your kiosk are secure.

The importance of expert advice

Interactive kiosks are powerful pieces of technology. The level of specialisation in this field has made it vital to seek out expert advice when buying one.

To ensure you choose the right kiosk for your situation we recommend speaking to one of our team of experts who will be able to walk you through the key questions surrounding our ranges.

Expert advice is especially helpful when it comes to levels of customisability.

The look and feel of your kiosk are important: it should reflect your brand. Our team can talk you through the hardware and software customisations available when buying an interactive kiosk – exemplified with case studies.

Which Interactive Kiosk Should You Buy?

As we’ve seen, there are several major considerations when purchasing an interactive kiosk.

However, the purchase process doesn’t need to be confusing or overwhelming. Speak to an expert today and find the perfect interactive kiosk solution for you.