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Touchscreen Kiosks in the Corporate Sector

Acante has 30+ years experience of working within the corporate sector providing innovative, secure and high-quality touchscreen kiosk solutions that revolutionise the entire customer experience.

From biometric kiosks with secure access control and identification to touchscreen information terminals and self-service solutions.

What we deliver


Products designed and manufactured to meet the highest of security standards set by the criminal justice service and UKVI. All Acante staff have CTC clearance.


Beautifully designed kiosks built to the highest standards, providing a smart and functional solution for any corporate environment.


Introducing interactive kiosks allows your staff and clients to enter a building, find information or purchase products quickly and effectively without the need for human interaction.


Enabling customers to self-serve frees up employees to utilise their skills on other more pressing tasks or participate in continuous improvement, further increasing efficiency.

Our Interactive Kiosk Markets

Our Tailored Interactive Kiosk Solution

Whilst we are confident our modular touchscreen kiosk solutions will answer any need, we understand that our clients sometimes want an interactive kiosk that is tailored to their exact specification.

To find out how Acante can create a bespoke interactive kiosk solution that answers all your requirements, get in touch and we’ll get back to you.