Digital self-payment kiosks have revolutionised car parking.

Gone are the days of holding onto loose change and slowly feeding coins into a slot – or, having to turn around and go home, because you don’t have enough cash.

Those were some of the problems with analogue parking ‘pay and display’ machines. Instead, digital self-payment kiosks let you pay by debit or credit card and even via an app.

Many modern street parking systems and public garages already use them. If you run a car parking business, here are some of the key advantages of using digital self-payment kiosks.

Easy to maintain

Want to change the prices you’re charging? No need to print new signage, or manually adjust the machine’s ticket-dispensing functionality.

Digital self-payment kiosks’ operating criteria and display information can be updated remotely – quickly and easily.

Similarly, any occasional operating errors can usually be fixed remotely too, via software or firmware updates.

Lower overheads

Compared to older analogue machines, you need fewer members of staff to check on the machines’ status or help customers with any issues.

With the more sophisticated digital self-payment kiosks, you may not need any employees on hand at all.

For example, some modern machines have an in-built call function to speak to a remote operator, or something similar, to ensure that someone can help customers with queries.

Data analytics

On a digital self-payment kiosk, every interaction is recorded.

Whether you like to review data daily, weekly, monthly or annually – you’ll have the reporting tools you need to make informed decisions around pricing.

You’re able to analyse how your kiosks are performing at different times of the day, or days of the week, or months of the year, to inform opening hour times and other variable factors.

Better customer experience

As mentioned earlier, digital self-payment kiosks provide more flexibility to your customers by accepting a greater variety of payment types, aside from cash.

These days, many customers prefer to pay via self-service, rather than through face-to-face interactions.

Look no further than the widespread use of self-service checkouts in supermarkets for proof! Customers can pay for their goods without interrupting their phone call or turning off their music.

Moreover, since COVID-19, it’s encouraged to offer contactless payment options wherever possible. Digital self-payment kiosks are a good way to prevent the spread of respiratory infections, by further reducing the need for direct contact with other people.

Final thoughts: how self-payment kiosks could help your car parking business

Bear in mind that when it comes to digital self-payment kiosks, there are many different options available.

You should expect to receive a bespoke solution that’s relevant to your car parking business’ specific requirements.

For more information about digital self-payment kiosks for a car parking business, or if you have any questions about our full range of interactive kiosks, please get in touch with us