The significant increase in online shopping over the past year has been well-publicised, and unlikely to drop any time soon. Interestingly, in a 2019 survey, 83% of internet users described a quick and easy checkout process the most valued part of their retail experience.

To compete with increasingly slick online user-journeys, it’s imperative that physical stores respond by bringing a customer-centric focus to the checkout experience. One way to do this is through technology: namely self service kiosks.

In this article, we look at the advantages of installing a self-service checkout kiosk.

Long queues are the enemy of sales and return custom

The British might have gained a reputation for being “good” queuers – but that doesn’t make us willing ones!

Studies have placed long queues at the top of the pile of in-store irritants, ahead of missing stock and poor customer support.

Self service checkout kiosks allow more customers to be served and keep queues moving.

The space occupied by a single cashier and till can be replaced by several kiosks, or under-utilised floor space can be occupied by a kiosk bank.

A greater number transactions, efficient use of space and happier customers – these are just some of the business benefits self service checkouts can bring.

Increase the productivity and effectiveness of your workforce

By freeing up a portion of your staff from cashier roles, you give them the opportunity to carry out other key tasks.

Just one supervisor can take responsibility for a bank of self service checkout kiosks, while other colleagues can focus on providing customers with the best possible in-store experience. The opportunities are endless.

Increased checkout efficiency can reduce the number of staff required to run the store, meaning reduced overheads or opportunities for diversification and expansion through leverage of the additional manpower.

While an employee is likely to beat a kiosk when it comes to small talk, a kiosk rules out human error when it comes to transactions. Assurance that all payments are carried out with precision helps to develop brand trust and avoids potentially awkward mistakes.

Self service checkouts are highly versatile

Centrally managed, the latest offers and pricing can be rolled out at scale with just the push of a button. The ability to share branding, messaging and information at the most opportune moment is a plus of using digital kiosks.

While self service checkout kiosks are synonymous with efficiency, they can be made more efficient still. Analytics software can reveal any pinch points in the user-journey, while kiosks themselves can be used to survey customer satisfaction. Digital kiosks can be updated to reflect your findings and provide an even better user experience.

Similarly, kiosks can provide alternative functionality. For example, a kiosk in a cinema could allow users to browse additional information before a purchase, while a car-parking kiosk might also incorporate way-finding tools. In most cases, no physical upgrade would be required for such development.

The advantages of installing a self service checkout kiosk

We have only touched on the numerous benefits of installing a self-checkout system in your business. With self service checkout kiosks, the potential for business growth and customer satisfaction is huge and in an ever-changing, technologically infused economy, should not be discounted.

If you would like to learn more, check out our five questions to ask before installing self-service payment kiosks or get in touch to discuss your particular needs.