You may be surprised to learn just how helpful the benefits of using digital signage in conference rooms are.

Many of us only attended virtual conference rooms during the first year of COVID-19. Now employees worldwide are seeing the benefits of having face-to-face meetings once again, with most businesses reopening their offices.

Here are five key benefits of using digital signage in conference rooms to share information.

  1. Efficient room booking

A digital meeting room booking system is essential, otherwise it causes a lot of frustration when staff can’t find quiet places to meet.

Many companies already use dedicated applications or Outlook calendars for booking rooms.

However, there’s something missing if these aren’t integrated with digital interactive signage at the conference room itself.

Having a screen outside lets employees quickly book an empty room at the touch of a button.

Without this in place, there’s a risk of employees using a meeting space without booking it, so the conference room still appears available on the system. Inevitably someone else will then book it in the meantime, turn up and find it already occupied.

  1. Display room availability

Some staff don’t check for room bookings on their computer first – if they see an empty conference room, they just take it, assuming it’s still available.

One of the main benefits is it can display the upcoming bookings.

While some employees are happy to say something if the meeting room occupants haven’t booked it, some prefer to avoid confrontation, especially if there’s a difference in seniority.

There’s actually considerable consequences for employee productivity in situations like this.

  1. Increased productivity

Over two thirds of workers (70%) waste up to 15 minutes looking for somewhere to meet, according to office furniture provider Steelcase.

Nearly a quarter (24%) waste up to half an hour!

Digital signage at conference rooms helps to avoid scheduling conflicts, letting staff start their meetings faster.

  1. Up-to-date messaging

Sometimes plans change suddenly and that could mean a last-minute new location for an important meeting.

Sending around a mass email update is one option, but not if you’re welcoming visitors who aren’t on your company database.

Digital signage at conference rooms can be quickly and easily updated to pass on urgent information.

  1. Space utilisation insights

Often staff book conference rooms, but then don’t show up for one reason or another.

For office managers trying to analyse if they have too few – or too many – meeting rooms, these phantom bookings make it impossible to get good office space utilisation insights.

Integrating digital touchscreens, with a simple check-in and check-out button, is a great way to capture more accurate information about conference room usage.

Summary: the benefits of using digital signage in conference rooms

There’s a wide range of potential staff efficiency and productivity benefits of using digital signage in conference rooms.

In contrast, meeting rooms with only printed signage have several drawbacks.

To learn more about the benefits of using digital signage in conference rooms, please contact us.